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Delhi to Kathmandu

While travelling, I’ve always focused on the simplicity of photography and have never put much effort into capturing video. However on my last trip to India and Nepal, I started recording short clips hoping that I might compile enough footage to put together one of those video montages I often see travel bloggers create.

After finally sorting through all my material, I started working on a video edit that surprisingly came together in just a few hours. Hey, not bad for a first attempt. Though I did eventually go back to make a ton of micro-adjustments and ended up reuploading it to YouTube about five times.

The video is named after the G Adventures tour I was on – Delhi to Kathmandu. It plays to the tune of “Indian Summer” by Jai Wolf which I feel really helps to establish the tone and pace. Most of the clips were shot on a Canon 6D with a few from my Samsung Galaxy S6. While the quality is far from perfect, I’m satisfied with a few good captures that worked seamlessly with the soundtrack.

Check out the 2-minute video below:

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