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2017 NSX with Diamond Pentagon Grille

The new NSX is the halo car that Acura needed ever since the first-generation ceased in 2005. It’s supposed to be the face of the brand, except, it doesn’t wear the corporate “diamond pentagon grille” that all the new models are getting. It’s hard to imagine the designers at Acura will mess with the perfection of the existing design, but the facelift is almost inevitable.

So what would the NSX look like with the new grille? I gave it a shot with some relatively positive results. It’s based on the Acura CDX’s front design but it seems to work.

The online response was mixed, and rightfully so. Hopefully Acura Design can get it right.

Version 1:
2017 Acura NSX with Diamond Pentagon Grille

Version 2:
alt=”2nd Gen NSX with Diamond Pentagon Grille”>

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